Maria‘s Work Experience

 I have been a medical assistant for over 9 years. I have worked in an asthma clinic and urgent care. I worked with Dr. Lance back from 2018 to 2019 and now I’m back in 2023.

Why I love what I do

I love working with kids, they are the joy of everyday. Coming back to LYNK was the best decision I have made. Working with amazing families and great children. Helping kids get better and keeping them healthy is a great warm feeling.


My hobbies

Some of my favorite things I like to do in my free time are going on hikes with my family and taking my kids to the zoo / museums during the summer.

My fondest childhood memory

The best childhood memory is waking up every Saturday morning in the summer to my mom making pancakes with bacon early in the morning and my dad outside cutting the grass. This is now what we do in the summer morning with my kids.

What makes me smile

My kids and my husband are the most important thing in my life, always making me smile with their silly moods.