Brittany Zapata

Patient Care Coordinator

Brittany‘s Work Experience

Before working at LYNK Pediatrics, I worked at a veterinary facility for two years as a technician and office manager. Working there helped me gain the knowledge of excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and clerical skills thus helping me be able to be a good employee at LYNK Pediatrics and providing care to patients.

Why I love What I do

 I Love working at LYNK Pediatrics because I can connect and help families.

My Hobbies

When I am not at work, I try to spend most of my time taking long walks or going on mini adventures around Colorado with my two dogs, Bubba & Ginger.

My Fondest Childhood Memory

A fond childhood memory would be going on a road trip to California with my mother and two sisters.

What Makes Me Smile

Something that makes me smile would be the first sip of coffee in the morning.