Almost There

Almost there. After New Jersey and Massachusetts, I have finally settled in Colorado. 8 years. I have worked 8 years for a couple of pediatrics offices and now I stand on the verge of every pediatrician’s dream: I get to open my doors to my own clinic!!! I will be able to start a practice and brand it as my own. (I cannot contain myself!!!!)

I WILL run with this. I believe I can finally break the glass wall between doctor and patient and finally go through the healthcare journey hand in hand… laughing, and having fun along the way. Raising children may be hard and difficult, but it can be fun, rewarding and stimulating. This is our goal. This is our dream. Allow us to take people for a ride, and show them raising a family is a gift.

This is going to be an awesome ride. And I wish to take people on this great journey.

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